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Criss Cross Directories, Inc. serves small to medium-sized businesses nationwide.  We have been publishing our renowned Criss Cross Directory since 1936 and providing businesses with industry-leading marketing information for over 215 million consumers in 110 million households across the United States.

We offer an array of searchable online directory products as well as our traditional printed directories which help ensure business success in finding and reaching the right prospects quickly and easily. Our unique combination of quality information and decades of excellent customer service makes us the right choice for small to medium-sized businesses nationwide.  Please give us a call to discover how our directory products and services can help you find and reach your business or residential customers today.

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Criss Cross & Woodard Information Services
PO Box 720848 Norman, OK 73070 
toll free: 1-800-9US-LIST (1-800-987-5478)
local: 405-701-8720